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Fixed test failure on MySQL

The fix for #20874 caused a MySQL specific failure.
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commit 09a5f5aabe27f63ec8d8982efa6cef9bf7b86022 1 parent 737b53a
Anssi Kääriäinen akaariai authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 tests/queries/
6 tests/queries/
@@ -88,13 +88,13 @@ def test_subquery_condition(self):
qs2 = Tag.objects.filter(parent__in=qs1)
qs3 = Tag.objects.filter(parent__in=qs2)
self.assertEqual(qs3.query.subq_aliases, set(['T', 'U', 'V']))
- self.assertIn('V0', str(qs3.query))
+ self.assertIn('v0', str(qs3.query).lower())
qs4 = qs3.filter(parent__in=qs1)
self.assertEqual(qs4.query.subq_aliases, set(['T', 'U', 'V']))
# It is possible to reuse U for the second subquery, no need to use W.
- self.assertNotIn('W0', str(qs4.query))
+ self.assertNotIn('w0', str(qs4.query).lower())
# So, 'U0."id"' is referenced twice.
- self.assertTrue(str(qs4.query).count('U0."id"'), 2)
+ self.assertTrue(str(qs4.query).lower().count('u0'), 2)
def test_ticket1050(self):
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