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Fixed #10952 -- Corrected the documentation for the behavior of passw…

…ord reset forms and views. Thanks to danielhepper for the report and initial patch, timo for the patch update.

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freakboy3742 committed Aug 7, 2010
1 parent 806f3b2 commit 0a753297c80d11d9ee16d5b92ad1e5cccf41f30e
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@@ -898,8 +898,9 @@ includes a few other useful built-in views located in
.. function:: views.password_reset(request[, is_admin_site, template_name, email_template_name, password_reset_form, token_generator, post_reset_redirect])
- Allows a user to reset their password, and sends them the new password
- in an e-mail.
+ Allows a user to reset their password by generating a one-time use link
+ that can be used to reset the password, and sending that link to the
+ user's registered e-mail address.
**Optional arguments:**
@@ -1005,8 +1006,8 @@ provides several built-in forms located in :mod:`django.contrib.auth.forms`:
.. class:: PasswordResetForm
- A form for resetting a user's password and e-mailing the new password to
- them.
+ A form for generating and e-mailing a one-time use link to reset a
+ user's password.
.. class:: SetPasswordForm

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