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Fixed #2486 -- Fixed typo in docs/generic_views.txt. Thanks, umbrae@g…


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2 docs/generic_views.txt
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ If the given URL is ``None``, Django will return an ``HttpResponseGone`` (410).
This example redirects from ``/foo/<id>/`` to ``/bar/<id>/``::
urlpatterns = patterns('django.views.generic.simple',
- ('^foo/(?p<id>\d+)/$', 'redirect_to', {'url': '/bar/%(id)s/'}),
+ ('^foo/(?P<id>\d+)/$', 'redirect_to', {'url': '/bar/%(id)s/'}),
This example returns a 410 HTTP error for requests to ``/bar/``::

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