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+.. _releases-1.0.1:
+Django 1.0.1 release notes
+Welcome to Django 1.0.1!
+This is the first "bugfix" release in the Django 1.0 series, improving
+the stability and performance of the Django 1.0 codebase. As such,
+Django 1.0.1 contains no new features (and, pursuant to `our
+compatibility policy`_, maintains backwards compatibility with Django
+1.0), but does contain a number of fixes and other
+improvements. Django 1.0.1 is a recommended upgrade for any
+development or deployment currently using or targeting Django 1.0.
+Fixes and improvements in Django 1.0.1
+Django 1.0.1 contains over two hundred fixes to the original Django
+1.0 codebase; full details of every fix are available in `the
+Subversion log of the 1.0.X branch`_, but here are some of the
+* Several fixes in ``django.contrib.comments``, pertaining to RSS
+ feeds of comments, default ordering of comments and the XHTML and
+ internationalization of the default templates for comments.
+* Multiple fixes for Django's support of Oracle databases, including
+ pagination support for GIS QuerySets, more efficient slicing of
+ results and improved introspection of existing databases.
+* Several fixes for query support in the Django object-relational
+ mapper, including repeated setting and resetting of ordering and
+ fixes for working with ``INSERT``-only queries.
+* Multiple fixes for inline forms in formsets.
+* Multiple fixes for ``unique`` and ``unique_together`` model
+ constraints in automatically-generated forms.
+* Fixed support for custom callable ``upload_to`` declarations when
+ handling file uploads through automatically-generated forms.
+* Restored support which previously existed for sorting an admin
+ change list based on a callable model attribute, by associating the
+ callable with a database-backed field.
+* Refactored and consolidated CSS for the Django administration
+ application, simplifying the admin stylesheets and making
+ customization easier.
+* A fix to the application of autoescaping for literal strings passed
+ to the ``join`` template filter. Previously, literal strings passed
+ to ``join`` were automatically escaped, contrary to `the documented
+ behavior for autoescaping and literal strings`_. Literal strings
+ passed to ``join`` are no longer automatically escaped, meaning you
+ must now manually escape them; this is an incompatibility if you
+ were relying on this bug, but not if you were relying on escaping
+ behaving as documented.
+* Improved and expanded translation files for many of the languages
+ Django supports by default.
+* And as always, a large number of improvements to Django's
+ documentation, including both corrections to existing documents and
+ expanded and new documentation.
+.. _our compatibility policy:
+.. _the Subversion log of the 1.0.X branch:
+.. _the documented behavior for autoescaping and literal strings:
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+ 1.0.1
.. seealso::

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