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+How to install Django
+Installation instructions are slightly different depending on whether you're
+using the latest official version or the latest development version.
+It's easy either way.
+Installing the official version
+1. Download the tarball of the latest official version from our ``download page``_.
+2. ``cd django-1.0.0.tar.gz``
+3. ``python install``
+Installing the development version
+1. Make sure you have ``Subversion``_ installed.
+2. ``svn co django_src``
+3. Symlink ``django_src/django`` so that ``django`` is within your Python
+ ``site-packages`` directory:
+ ``ln -s django_src/django /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/django``
+ Change ``python2.3`` to match your current Python version.
+When you want to update your code, just run the command ``svn update`` from
+within the ``django_src`` directory.
+.. _`Subversion`:

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