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Fixed #18798 -- Renamed conflicting test methods in i18n tests

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1 parent 44c09de commit 10d32072afa1e1d4391108191800ce7007a63f2e @uruz uruz committed with claudep
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  1. +2 −2 tests/regressiontests/i18n/
4 tests/regressiontests/i18n/
@@ -808,13 +808,13 @@ def test_parse_language_cookie(self):
self.assertEqual(g(r), 'zh-cn')
- def test_get_language_from_path(self):
+ def test_get_language_from_path_real(self):
from django.utils.translation.trans_real import get_language_from_path as g
self.assertEqual(g('/pl/'), 'pl')
self.assertEqual(g('/pl'), 'pl')
self.assertEqual(g('/xyz/'), None)
- def test_get_language_from_path(self):
+ def test_get_language_from_path_null(self):
from django.utils.translation.trans_null import get_language_from_path as g
self.assertEqual(g('/pl/'), None)
self.assertEqual(g('/pl'), None)

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