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Fixed #20426 -- Added some extra info to the auth forms.

Thanks to Joel Hansson for the suggestion and Curtis Maloney for the initial
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1 parent b16b72d commit 10e397e2631f8b4c3be486dfc922a91c4512684d @apollo13 apollo13 committed May 17, 2013
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@@ -939,10 +939,15 @@ provides several built-in forms located in :mod:`django.contrib.auth.forms`:
A form used in the admin interface to change a user's password.
+ Takes the ``user`` as the first positional argument.
.. class:: AuthenticationForm
A form for logging a user in.
+ Takes ``request`` as its first positional argument, which is stored on the
+ form instance for use by sub-classes.
.. class:: PasswordChangeForm
A form for allowing a user to change their password.

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