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Fixed some ReST errors in docs/newforms.txt from [5212]

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adrianholovaty committed May 12, 2007
1 parent 6500f3f commit 1130f5e6b79588944ee3f72ff9fd698c7b97c9db
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@@ -942,7 +942,8 @@ the full list of conversions:
``TimeField`` ``TimeField``
``URLField`` ``URLField`` with ``verify_exists`` set
to the model field's ``verify_exists``
- ``USStateField`` ``CharField with ``widget=USStateSelect``
+ ``USStateField`` ``CharField`` with
+ ``widget=USStateSelect``
(``USStateSelect`` is from
``XMLField`` ``CharField`` with ``widget=Textarea``
@@ -1094,7 +1095,7 @@ The default field types, as described in the "Field types" table above, are
sensible defaults; if you have a ``DateField`` in your model, chances are you'd
want that to be represented as a ``DateField`` in your form. But
``form_for_model()`` gives you the flexibility of changing the form field type
-for a given model field. You do this by specifying a *formfield callback*.
+for a given model field. You do this by specifying a **formfield callback**.
A formfield callback is a function that, when provided with a model field,
returns a form field instance. When constructing a form, ``form_for_model()``

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