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Fixed #4745 -- Updated docs to point out that 0 is not a valid SITE_I…

…D when running the tests. Thanks for the suggestion, Lars Stavholm <>.

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@@ -532,8 +532,8 @@ Yes, the unit tests need a settings module, but only for database connection
info -- the ``DATABASE_NAME`` (required, but will be ignored),
will also need a ``ROOT_URLCONF`` setting (its value is ignored; it just needs
-to be present) and a ``SITE_ID`` setting (any integer value will do) in order
-for all the tests to pass.
+to be present) and a ``SITE_ID`` setting (any non-zero integer value will do)
+in order for all the tests to pass.
The unit tests will not touch your existing databases; they create a new
database, called ``django_test_db``, which is deleted when the tests are

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