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[1.5.x] Corrected minor typos in FileUploadHandler.receive_data_chunk…

… docs.

Backport of 6466a08 from master.
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1 parent 4821a99 commit 11a8a7f2660cd864b56061e32d74304b80da11ba @DrMeers DrMeers committed
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  1. +2 −2 docs/topics/http/file-uploads.txt
4 docs/topics/http/file-uploads.txt
@@ -369,8 +369,8 @@ Custom file upload handlers **must** define the following methods:
``receive_data_chunk`` methods. In this way, one handler can be a
"filter" for other handlers.
- Return ``None`` from ``receive_data_chunk`` to sort-circuit remaining
- upload handlers from getting this chunk.. This is useful if you're
+ Return ``None`` from ``receive_data_chunk`` to short-circuit remaining
+ upload handlers from getting this chunk. This is useful if you're
storing the uploaded data yourself and don't want future handlers to
store a copy of the data.

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