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@@ -11,6 +11,9 @@ when the server starts. Code stays in memory throughout the life of an Apache
process, which leads to significant performance gains over other server
+Basic configuration
To configure Django with mod_python, first make sure you have Apache installed,
with the mod_python module activated.
@@ -60,5 +63,14 @@ Here's a template for an admin configuration::
The only thing different here is the ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``.
+Running a development server with mod_python
+If you use mod_python for your development server, you can avoid the hassle of
+having to restart the server each time you make code changes. Just set
+``MaxRequestsPerChild 1`` in your ``httpd.conf`` file to force Apache to reload
+everything for each request. But don't do that on a production server, or we'll
+revoke your Django privileges.
.. _mod_perl:
.. _mod_python documentation:

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