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Fixed typo in docs/tutorial04.txt -- thanks, 'nitpicker'

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@@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ objects" and "display a detail page for a particular type of object."
By default, the ``object_detail`` generic view uses a template called
``<app_label>/<module_name>_detail``. In our case, it'll use the template
``"polls/polls_detail"``. Thus, rename your ``polls/detail.html`` template to
-``polls/polls_detail``, and change the ``template_loader.get_template()`` line
-in ``vote()``.
+``polls/polls_detail.html``, and change the ``template_loader.get_template()``
+line in ``vote()``.
Similarly, the ``object_list`` generic view uses a template called
``<app_label>/<module_name>_list``. Thus, rename ``polls/index.html`` to

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