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@@ -291,8 +291,6 @@ translation method!
Working with lazy translation objects
-.. highlightlang:: python
Using ``ugettext_lazy()`` and ``ungettext_lazy()`` to mark strings in models
and utility functions is a common operation. When you're working with these
objects elsewhere in your code, you should ensure that you don't accidentally
@@ -507,6 +505,8 @@ string, so they don't need to be aware of translations.
Specifying translation strings: In JavaScript code
+.. highlightlang:: python
Adding translations to JavaScript poses some problems:
* JavaScript code doesn't have access to a ``gettext`` implementation.
@@ -568,7 +568,11 @@ catalog file. As a security measure, these values can only be either
Using the JavaScript translation catalog
-To use the catalog, just pull in the dynamically generated script like this::
+.. highlightlang:: javascript
+To use the catalog, just pull in the dynamically generated script like this:
+.. code-block:: html+django
<script type="text/javascript" src="{% url django.views.i18n.javascript_catalog %}"></script>
@@ -623,6 +627,8 @@ to produce proper pluralizations).
The ``set_language`` redirect view
+.. highlightlang:: python
.. function:: set_language(request)
As a convenience, Django comes with a view, :meth:`django.views.i18n.set_language`,

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