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Fixed #19045 -- removed 'fixed on a branch' from triage docs

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1 parent 1ce4aed commit 14681eaa53a035fa1c8fc390d5cca0b340fdcdb3 @ptone ptone committed Oct 1, 2012
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@@ -171,15 +171,6 @@ concrete actionable issues. They are enhancement requests that we might
consider adding someday to the framework if an excellent patch is submitted.
These tickets are not a high priority.
-Fixed on a branch
-Used to indicate that a ticket is resolved as part of a major body of work
-that will eventually be merged to trunk. Tickets in this stage generally
-don't need further work. This may happen in the case of major
-features/refactors in each release cycle, or as part of the annual Google
-Summer of Code efforts.
Other triage attributes

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