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@@ -179,9 +179,10 @@ deleted::
# request.session['foo'] instead of request.session.
request.session['foo']['bar'] = 'baz'
-To change this default behavior, set the ``SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST`` setting
-to ``True``. If ``SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST`` is ``True``, Django will save
-the session to the database on every single request.
+**Only available in Django development version.** To change this default
+behavior, set the ``SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST`` setting to ``True``. If
+``SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST`` is ``True``, Django will save the session to the
+database on every single request.
Note that the session cookie is only sent when a session has been created or
modified. If ``SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST`` is ``True``, the session cookie
@@ -226,6 +227,8 @@ SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST
Default: ``False``
+**Only available in Django development version.**
Whether to save the session data on every request. If this is ``False``
(default), then the session data will only be saved if it has been modified --
that is, if any of its dictionary values have been assigned or deleted.

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