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@@ -254,9 +254,10 @@ Second, note the five triage stages:
3. Once a ticket is ruled to be approved for fixing, it's moved into the
"Accepted" stage. This stage is where all the real work gets done.
- 4. A ticket might be moved to the "Someday/Maybe" state if it's an
- enhancement request we are willing to consider if a good patch is
- written. Such tickets are not high priority.
+ 4. In some cases, a ticket might get moved to the "Someday/Maybe" state.
+ This means the ticket is an enhancement request that we might consider
+ adding to the framework if an excellent patch is submitted. These
+ tickets are not a high priority.
5. If a ticket has an associated patch (see below), a triager will review
the patch. If the patch is complete, it'll be marked as "ready for

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