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@@ -619,3 +619,21 @@ To create a user, you'll have to use the Python API. See `creating users`_ for
full info.
.. _creating users:
+Contributing code
+I submitted a bug fix in the ticket system several weeks ago. Why are you ignoring my patch?
+Don't worry: We're not ignoring you!
+It's important to understand there is a difference between "a ticket is being
+ignored" and "a ticket has not been attended to yet." Django's ticket system
+contains hundreds of open tickets, of various degrees of impact on end-user
+functionality, and Django's developers have to review and prioritize.
+Besides, if your feature request stands no chance of inclusion in Django, we
+won't ignore it -- we'll just close the ticket. So if your ticket is still
+open, it doesn't mean we're ignoring you; it just means we haven't had time to
+look at it yet.

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