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Clarified get_FOO_list part of docs/db-api.txt to specify keyword arg…

…uments are also accepted

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5 docs/db-api.txt
@@ -572,6 +572,9 @@ object in the result list is "truncated" to the given ``type``.
* ``"month"`` returns a list of all distinct year/month values for the field.
* ``"day"`` returns a list of all distinct year/month/day values for the field.
+Additional, optional keyword arguments, in the format described in
+"Field lookups" above, are also accepted.
Here's an example, using the ``Poll`` model defined above::
>>> from datetime import datetime
@@ -587,6 +590,8 @@ Here's an example, using the ``Poll`` model defined above::
[datetime.datetime(2005, 2, 1), datetime.datetime(2005, 3, 1)]
>>> polls.get_pub_date_list('day')
[datetime.datetime(2005, 2, 20), datetime.datetime(2005, 3, 20)]
+ >>> polls.get_pub_date_list('day', question__contains='name')
+ [datetime.datetime(2005, 3, 20)]
``get_FOO_list()`` also accepts an optional keyword argument ``order``, which
should be either ``"ASC"`` or ``"DESC"``. This specifies how to order the

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