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Added some further guidance to "accepted" triage stage

Now that DDN is gone, I felt it was worth some extra language
about what "accepted" means, and qualify what it means to be "safe"
to start writing a patch.
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1 parent 7441a29 commit 18255779e9711354372085179d7bf94d803b6895 @ptone ptone committed Apr 10, 2013
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@@ -119,7 +119,14 @@ Beyond that there are several considerations:
* **Accepted + No Flags**
The ticket is valid, but no one has submitted a patch for it yet. Often this
- means you could safely start writing a patch for it.
+ means you could safely start writing a patch for it. This is generally more
+ true for the case of accepted bugs than accepted features. A ticket for a bug
+ that has been accepted means that the issue has been verified by at least one
+ triager as a legitimate bug - and should probably be fixed if possible. An
+ accepted new feature may only mean that one triager thought the feature would
+ be good to have, but this alone does not represent a consensus view or imply
+ with any certainty that a patch will be accepted for that feature. Seek more
+ feedback before writing an extensive patch if you are in doubt.
* **Accepted + Has Patch**

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