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Add roadmap and contributing boilerplate to 1.3 alpha notes.

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@@ -331,3 +331,60 @@ and Ctrl-C test termination) have been made redundant. In view of this
redundancy, :class:`~django.test.simple.DjangoTestRunner` has been
turned into an empty placeholder class, and will be removed entirely
in Django 1.5.
+The Django 1.3 roadmap
+Before the final Django 1.3 release, several other preview/development
+releases will be made available. The current schedule consists of at
+least the following:
+* Week of **November 29, 2010**: First Django 1.3 beta release. Final
+ feature freeze for Django 1.3.
+* Week of **January 10, 2011**: First Django 1.3 release
+ candidate. String freeze for translations.
+* Week of **January 17, 2011**: Django 1.3 final release.
+If necessary, additional alpha, beta or release-candidate packages
+will be issued prior to the final 1.3 release. Django 1.3 will be
+released approximately one week after the final release candidate.
+What you can do to help
+In order to provide a high-quality 1.3 release, we need your help. Although this
+alpha release is, again, *not* intended for production use, you can help the
+Django team by trying out the alpha codebase in a safe test environment and
+reporting any bugs or issues you encounter. The Django ticket tracker is the
+central place to search for open issues:
+ *
+Please open new tickets if no existing ticket corresponds to a problem you're
+running into.
+Additionally, discussion of Django development, including progress toward the
+1.3 release, takes place daily on the django-developers mailing list:
+ *
+... and in the ``#django-dev`` IRC channel on ````. If you're
+interested in helping out with Django's development, feel free to join the
+discussions there.
+Django's online documentation also includes pointers on how to contribute to
+ * :doc:`How to contribute to Django </internals/contributing>`
+Contributions on any level -- developing code, writing documentation or simply
+triaging tickets and helping to test proposed bugfixes -- are always welcome and
+Several development sprints will also be taking place before the 1.3
+release; these will typically be announced in advance on the
+django-developers mailing list, and anyone who wants to help is
+welcome to join in.

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