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Fixed #1365 -- Improved docs/templates.txt to note location of admin …

…documentation site. Thanks, Joseph Heck

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6 docs/templates.txt
@@ -243,7 +243,11 @@ Using the built-in reference
Because Django can be used to develop any sort of site, the tags, filters and
variables available are different depending on the application. To make it
easy to figure out what's available in a given site, the admin interface has a
-complete reference of all the template goodies available to that site.
+complete reference of all the template goodies available to that site. To get
+that reference, go to your Django admin interface and append ``'doc'`` onto the
+admin URL. Example: ````. In the Django development
+version, you'll see a "Documentation" link in the upper right of every
+admin-site page.
The reference is integrated into the administration interface for your site(s)
and is divided into 4 sections: tags, filters, models, and views.

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