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@@ -362,7 +362,8 @@ Some of the things you can do with the test client are:
everything from low-level HTTP (result headers and status codes) to
page content.
-* Test that the correct view is executed for a given URL.
+* See the chain of redirects (if any) and check the URL and status code at
+ each step.
* Test that a given request is rendered by a given Django template, with
a template context that contains certain values.
@@ -371,8 +372,8 @@ Note that the test client is not intended to be a replacement for Selenium_ or
other "in-browser" frameworks. Django's test client has a different focus. In
-* Use Django's test client to establish that the correct view is being
- called and that the view is collecting the correct context data.
+* Use Django's test client to establish that the correct template is being
+ rendered and that the template is passed the correct context data.
* Use in-browser frameworks like Selenium_ to test *rendered* HTML and the
*behavior* of Web pages, namely JavaScript functionality. Django also

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