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Fixed #15153 - removed obsolete sentence in tutorial; thanks LeSphinx…

… for the report.

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commit 1b961e8ee39424c20b6062f56a998722c5864f39 1 parent a981f5b
Tim Graham authored

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  1. 5  docs/intro/tutorial04.txt
5  docs/intro/tutorial04.txt
@@ -306,11 +306,6 @@ You can now delete the ``index()``, ``detail()`` and ``results()``
306 306
 views from ``polls/``. We don't need them anymore -- they have
307 307
 been replaced by generic views.
308 308
-The ``vote()`` view is still required. However, it must be modified to
-match the new context variables. In the
-:func:`~django.shortcuts.render_to_response` call, rename the ``poll``
-context variable to ``object``.
314 309
 The last thing to do is fix the URL handling to account for the use of
315 310
 generic views. In the vote view above, we used the
316 311
 :func:`~django.core.urlresolvers.reverse` function to avoid

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