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@@ -30,13 +30,10 @@ Journal-World`_ of Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
Simon lives in Brighton, England.
`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`_
- Jacob is a partner at `Revolution Systems`_ which provides support services
- around Django and related open source technologies. A good deal of Jacob's
- work time is devoted to working on Django. Jacob previously worked at World
- Online, where Django was invented, where he was the lead developer of
- Ellington, a commercial Web publishing platform for media companies.
- Jacob lives in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
+ Jacob is Director of Platform Security at Heroku_. He worked at World
+ Online for four years, where he helped open source Django and found
+ the Django Software Foundation. Jacob lives on a hobby farm outside of
+ Lawrence where he spends his weekends playing with dirt and power tools.
`Wilson Miner`_
Wilson's design-fu is what makes Django look so nice. He designed the
@@ -55,6 +52,7 @@ Journal-World`_ of Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
.. _jacob kaplan-moss:
.. _revolution systems:
.. _wilson miner:
+.. _heroku:
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