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Fixed #21875 -- Clarified that get_user_model() only works at run time.

Thanks Benjamin White for the report.
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1 parent daaf6cf commit 1be31c320c2e0efa1730f73509d64e024ab31a0c @aaugustin aaugustin committed Mar 10, 2014
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4 docs/releases/1.7.txt
@@ -869,6 +869,10 @@ regressions cannot be ruled out. You may encounter the following exceptions:
will also trigger this exception. The ORM cannot function properly until all
models are available.
+ Another common culprit is :func:`django.contrib.auth.get_user_model()`. Use
+ the :setting:`AUTH_USER_MODEL` setting to reference the User model at import
+ time.
* ``ImportError: cannot import name ...`` This happens if the import sequence
ends up in a loop.
4 docs/topics/auth/customizing.txt
@@ -426,6 +426,10 @@ different User model.
post_save.connect(post_save_receiver, sender=settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL)
+ Generally speaking, you should reference the User model with the
+ :setting:`AUTH_USER_MODEL` setting in code that is executed at import
+ time. ``get_user_model()`` only works once Django has imported all models.
Specifying a custom User model

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