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Fixed #25414 -- Fixed QuerySet.annotate() with pk in values() on MySQL.

Thanks Tim Graham and Simon Charette for the reviews.
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felixxm committed Mar 29, 2017
1 parent b59c0d7 commit 1d070d027c218285b66c0bde8079034b33a87f11
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  1. +12 −5 django/db/models/sql/
  2. +6 −0 tests/annotations/
@@ -135,9 +135,7 @@ def collapse_group_by(self, expressions, having):
# include the primary key of every table, but for MySQL it is enough to
# have the main table's primary key.
if self.connection.features.allows_group_by_pk:
# The logic here is: if the main model's primary key is in the
# query, then set new_expressions to that field. If that happens,
# then also add having expressions to group by.
# Determine if the main model's primary key is in the query.
pk = None
for expr in expressions:
# Is this a reference to query's base table primary key? If the
@@ -146,9 +144,18 @@ def collapse_group_by(self, expressions, having):
getattr(expr, 'alias', None) == self.query.tables[0]):
pk = expr
# If the main model's primary key is in the query, group by that
# field, HAVING expressions, and expressions associated with tables
# that don't have a primary key included in the grouped columns.
if pk:
# MySQLism: Columns in HAVING clause must be added to the GROUP BY.
expressions = [pk] + [expr for expr in expressions if expr in having]
pk_aliases = {
expr.alias for expr in expressions
if hasattr(expr, 'target') and
expressions = [pk] + [
expr for expr in expressions
if expr in having or getattr(expr, 'alias', None) not in pk_aliases
elif self.connection.features.allows_group_by_selected_pks:
# Filter out all expressions associated with a table's primary key
# present in the grouped columns. This is done by identifying all
@@ -297,6 +297,12 @@ def test_values_annotation(self):
self.assertEqual(book['other_rating'], 4)
self.assertEqual(book['other_isbn'], '155860191')
def test_values_with_pk_annotation(self):
# annotate references a field in values() with pk
publishers = Publisher.objects.values('id', 'book__rating').annotate(total=Sum('book__rating'))
for publisher in publishers.filter(
self.assertEqual(publisher['book__rating'], publisher['total'])
def test_defer_annotation(self):
Deferred attributes can be referenced by an annotation,

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