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Added a few notes about list_display to docs/model-api.txt

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@@ -786,8 +786,11 @@ object, which takes the following parameters. All are optional.
There are a few special cases that do other things besides displaying the
contents of the given fields:
- * If the field given has a relationship, that relationship is
- followed and the ``repr()`` of the related object is displayed.
+ * If the field given is a ``ForeignKey``, the ``repr()`` of the related
+ object will be displayed.
+ * ``ManyToManyField`` fields aren't supported, because that would
+ entail executing a separate SQL statement for each row in the table.
* If the field is a ``BooleanField``, a "on" or "off" icon will
be displayed instead of ``True`` or ``False``.
@@ -797,6 +800,11 @@ object, which takes the following parameters. All are optional.
``short_description`` function attribute, for use as the header for
the field.
+ * Use the string ``"__repr__"`` to output the representation of the
+ object, according to your model's ``__repr__()`` function. If you
+ don't define ``list_display``, Django will use the ``__repr__`` by
+ default.
See the example below.

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