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[1.7.x] Fixed #22471 -- Corrected misprint in i18n docs

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mxsasha committed Apr 18, 2014
1 parent bdfa3fd commit 1dc4a8daecb31a04d702b7dbc238e0afa92b8aa3
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@@ -1633,7 +1633,7 @@ is set :setting:`LANGUAGE_CODE` and make sure the corresponding :term:`message
files <message file>` and their compiled versions (``.mo``) exist.
If you want to let each individual user specify which language they
-prefer, then you also need to use use the ``LocaleMiddleware``.
+prefer, then you also need to use the ``LocaleMiddleware``.
``LocaleMiddleware`` enables language selection based on data from the request.
It customizes content for each user.

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