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@@ -257,10 +257,11 @@ The database backend to use. The build-in database backends are
``'postgresql_psycopg2'``, ``'postgresql'``, ``'mysql'``, ``'mysql_old'``,
``'sqlite3'``, ``'oracle'``, or ``'ado_mssql'``.
-You can also use a database backend that doesn't ship with Django by
-setting ``DATABASE_ENGINE`` to a fully-qualified path (i.e.
+In the Django development version, you can use a database backend that doesn't
+ship with Django by setting ``DATABASE_ENGINE`` to a fully-qualified path (i.e.
``mypackage.backends.whatever``). Writing a whole new database backend from
-scratch is left as an exercise to the reader.
+scratch is left as an exercise to the reader; see the other backends for

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