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Fixed #4140: Documented the ORA-06552 error that can occur when a ke…

…yword is used as a field name in the Oracle notes.

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@@ -608,6 +608,14 @@ Oracle imposes a name length limit of 30 characters. To accommodate this, the
backend truncates database identifiers to fit, replacing the final four
characters of the truncated name with a repeatable MD5 hash value.
+When running syncdb, an ``ORA-06552`` error may be encountered if
+certain Oracle keywords are used as the name of a model field or the
+value of a ``db_column`` option. Django quotes all identifiers used
+in queries to prevent most such problems, but this error can still
+occur when an Oracle datatype is used as a column name. In
+particular, take care to avoid using the names ``date``,
+``timestamp``, ``number`` or ``float`` as a field name.
NULL and empty strings

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