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@@ -21,3 +21,60 @@ What's new in Django 1.4
Backwards incompatible changes in 1.4
+Compatibility with old signed data
+Django 1.3 changed the cryptographic signing mechanisms used in a number of
+places in Django. While Django 1.3 kept fallbacks that would accept hashes
+produced by the previous methods, these fallbacks are removed in Django 1.4.
+So, if you upgrade to Django 1.4 directly from 1.2 or earlier, you may
+lose/invalidate certain pieces of data that have been cryptographically signed
+using an old method. To avoid this, use Django 1.3 first, for a period of time,
+to allow the signed data to expire naturally. The affected parts are detailed
+below, with 1) the consequences of ignoring this advice and 2) the amount of
+time you need to run Django 1.3 for the data to expire or become irrelevant.
+* contrib.sessions data integrity check
+ * consequences: the user will be logged out, and session data will be lost.
+ * time period: defined by SESSION_COOKIE_AGE.
+* contrib.auth password reset hash
+ * consequences: password reset links from before the upgrade will not work.
+ * time period: defined by PASSWORD_RESET_TIMEOUT_DAYS.
+Form related hashes — these are much shorter lifetime, and are relevant only for
+the short window where a user might fill in a form generated by the pre-upgrade
+Django instance, and try to submit it to the upgraded Django instance:
+* contrib.comments form security hash
+ * consequences: the user will see a validation error "Security hash failed".
+ * time period: the amount of time you expect users to take filling out comment
+ forms.
+* FormWizard security hash
+ * consequences: the user will see an error about the form having expired,
+ and will be sent back to the first page of the wizard, losing the data
+ they have inputted so far.
+ * time period: the amount of time you expect users to take filling out the
+ affected forms.
+* CSRF check
+ * Note: This is actually a Django 1.1 fallback, not Django 1.2,
+ and applies only if you are upgrading from 1.1.
+ * consequences: the user will see a 403 error with any CSRF protected POST
+ form.
+ * time period: the amount of time you expect user to take filling out
+ such forms.

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