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Fixed #21539 -- Added example of modelformset_factory's form argument

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24 docs/topics/forms/modelforms.txt
@@ -760,6 +760,30 @@ instances of the model, you can specify an empty QuerySet::
>>> AuthorFormSet(queryset=Author.objects.none())
+Changing the ``form``
+By default, when you use ``modelformset_factory``, a model form will
+be created using :func:`~django.forms.models.modelform_factory`.
+Often, it can be useful to specify a custom model form. For example,
+you can create a custom model form that has custom validation::
+ class AuthorForm(forms.ModelForm):
+ class Meta:
+ model = Author
+ fields = ('name', 'title')
+ def clean_name(self):
+ # custom validation for the name field
+ ...
+Then, pass your model form to the factory function::
+ AuthorFormSet = modelformset_factory(Author, form=AuthorForm)
+It is not always necessary to define a custom model form. The
+``modelformset_factory`` function has several arguments which are
+passed through to ``modelform_factory``, which are described below.
.. _controlling-fields-with-fields-and-exclude:

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