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Fixed test failures on MySQL.

Some tests failed when the time zone definitions were loaded in MySQL
and pytz wasn't installed. This setup isn't supported.
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1 parent de8aa3a commit 1fff8daf889822aa1dd9adba19c94bb522d960b4 @aaugustin aaugustin committed
14 django/db/backends/mysql/
@@ -30,6 +30,11 @@
from MySQLdb.converters import conversions, Thing2Literal
from MySQLdb.constants import FIELD_TYPE, CLIENT
+ import pytz
+except ImportError:
+ pytz = None
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import utils
from django.db.backends import *
@@ -186,6 +191,15 @@ def can_introspect_foreign_keys(self):
def has_zoneinfo_database(self):
+ # MySQL accepts full time zones names (eg. Africa/Nairobi) but rejects
+ # abbreviations (eg. EAT). When pytz isn't installed and the current
+ # time zone is LocalTimezone (the only sensible value in this
+ # context), the current time zone name will be an abbreviation. As a
+ # consequence, MySQL cannot perform time zone conversions reliably.
+ if pytz is None:
+ return False
+ # Test if the time zone definitions are installed.
cursor = self.connection.cursor()
cursor.execute("SELECT 1 FROM mysql.time_zone LIMIT 1")
return cursor.fetchone() is not None
2  django/db/models/sql/
@@ -1092,7 +1092,7 @@ def results_iter(self):
if datetime is None:
raise ValueError("Database returned an invalid value "
"in QuerySet.dates(). Are time zone "
- "definitions installed?")
+ "definitions and pytz installed?")
datetime = datetime.replace(tzinfo=None)
datetime = timezone.make_aware(datetime, self.query.tzinfo)
yield datetime
3  docs/ref/models/querysets.txt
@@ -627,7 +627,8 @@ object. If it's ``None``, Django uses the :ref:`current time zone
- SQLite: install pytz_ — conversions are actually performed in Python.
- PostgreSQL: no requirements (see `Time Zones`_).
- Oracle: no requirements (see `Choosing a Time Zone File`_).
- - MySQL: load the time zone tables with `mysql_tzinfo_to_sql`_.
+ - MySQL: install pytz_ and load the time zone tables with
+ `mysql_tzinfo_to_sql`_.
.. _pytz:
.. _Time Zones:

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