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[1.1.X] Fixed #11740 -- Added extra detail on the behavior of ModelFo…

…rms. Thanks to severian for the suggestion.

Merge of r11548 from trunk.

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29 docs/topics/forms/modelforms.txt
@@ -371,6 +371,35 @@ parameter when declaring the form field::
... class Meta:
... model = Article
+.. note::
+ If you explicitly instantiate a form field like this, Django assumes that you
+ want to completely define its behavior; therefore, default attributes (such as
+ ``max_length`` or ``required``) are not drawn from the corresponding model. If
+ you want to maintain the behavior specified in the model, you must set the
+ relevant arguments explicitly when declaring the form field.
+ For example, if the ``Article`` model looks like this::
+ class Article(models.Model):
+ headline = models.CharField(max_length=200, null=True, blank=True,
+ help_text="Use puns liberally")
+ content = models.TextField()
+ and you want to do some custom validation for ``headline``, while keeping
+ the ``blank`` and ``help_text`` values as specified, you might define
+ ``ArticleForm`` like this::
+ class ArticleForm(ModelForm):
+ headline = MyFormField(max_length=200, required=False,
+ help_text="Use puns liberally")
+ class Meta:
+ model = Article
+ See the :ref:`form field documentation <ref-forms-fields>` for more information
+ on fields and their arguments.
Changing the order of fields

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