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Fixed #21358 -- Allowed runserver on non-English locales

Thanks svartalf for the report.
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commit 2080bce695d480dd5fd851fdada221df923aa290 1 parent f3e7ab3
@claudep claudep authored
Showing with 8 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +8 −1 django/core/management/commands/
9 django/core/management/commands/
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
+from __future__ import unicode_literals
from optparse import make_option
from datetime import datetime
import errno
@@ -9,6 +11,7 @@
from import BaseCommand, CommandError
from django.core.servers.basehttp import run, get_internal_wsgi_application
from django.utils import autoreload
+from django.utils import six
naiveip_re = re.compile(r"""^(?:
@@ -96,13 +99,17 @@ def inner_run(self, *args, **options):
self.stdout.write("Validating models...\n\n")
+ now ='%B %d, %Y - %X')
+ if six.PY2:
+ now = now.decode('utf-8')
"Django version %(version)s, using settings %(settings)r\n"
"Starting development server at http://%(addr)s:%(port)s/\n"
"Quit the server with %(quit_command)s.\n"
) % {
- "started_at":'%B %d, %Y - %X'),
+ "started_at": now,
"version": self.get_version(),
"settings": settings.SETTINGS_MODULE,
"addr": '[%s]' % self.addr if self._raw_ipv6 else self.addr,
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