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Explicitly close a file in the static serve view. Thanks to Benjamin …

…Peterson for the report.

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1 parent c3db0b0 commit 20fbfbadcd79feab5077b84cbbed2b5908e685f3 @alex alex committed May 27, 2011
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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
Views and functions for serving static files. These are only to be used
during development, and SHOULD NOT be used in a production setting.
+from __future__ import with_statement
import mimetypes
import os
@@ -57,7 +58,8 @@ def serve(request, path, document_root=None, show_indexes=False):
if not was_modified_since(request.META.get('HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE'),
statobj.st_mtime, statobj.st_size):
return HttpResponseNotModified(mimetype=mimetype)
- response = HttpResponse(open(fullpath, 'rb').read(), mimetype=mimetype)
+ with open(fullpath, 'rb') as f:
+ response = HttpResponse(, mimetype=mimetype)
response["Last-Modified"] = http_date(statobj.st_mtime)
if stat.S_ISREG(statobj.st_mode):
response["Content-Length"] = statobj.st_size

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