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Fixed #981 -- documented the SQL initial data insert files.

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@@ -200,6 +200,9 @@ sqlall [appname appname ...]
Prints the CREATE TABLE and initial-data SQL statements for the given appnames.
+Refer to the description of ``sqlinitialdata`` for an explanation of how to
+specify seed data.
sqlclear [appname appname ...]
@@ -215,6 +218,14 @@ sqlinitialdata [appname appname ...]
Prints the initial INSERT SQL statements for the given appnames.
+This command will read any files under ``<appname>/sql/`` that have the same
+name as the lower-cased version of a model name (so if your app includes a
+model called ``Poll``, the file ``poll.sql`` will be read). These files are
+expected to be valid SQL files and their contents are piped into the database
+after all of the models' table creation statements have been executed. This
+can be used to populate the tables with any necessary initial records or test
sqlreset [appname appname ...]
@@ -1631,3 +1631,21 @@ read, in part::
+Seeding models with initial data
+Sometimes, once the database tables for a model are created, you will want to
+populate them with some default records or perhaps some testing data. For each
+model you have like this, create a file named after the lower-cased version of
+the model's name, with an extension of ``.sql``. Put this file in a directory
+called ``sql/`` under your application directory (so, ``myapp/sql/poll.sql``
+for ``Poll`` model in the ``myapp`` application).
+This file should contain valid SQL statements that can be executed to create
+the initial data you would like to insert. These files are read by the
+``sqlinitialdata``, ``sqlreset``, ``sqlall`` and ``reset`` commands in
+````. Refer to the ` documentation`_ for more
+.. _` documentation`:

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