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Fixed #3159 -- documented how to work around a lack of symlinking fun…


on Windows (with respect to

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commit 23272de5dbc9429180e309883ffd021026bd4921 1 parent 4d75c7a
Malcolm Tredinnick authored February 10, 2007

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  1. 6  docs/django-admin.txt
6  docs/django-admin.txt
@@ -17,7 +17,11 @@ two things for you before delegating to ````:
17 17
 The ```` script should be on your system path if you installed
18 18
 Django via its ```` utility. If it's not on your path, you can find it in
19 19
 ``site-packages/django/bin`` within your Python installation. Consider
-symlinking to it from some place on your path, such as ``/usr/local/bin``.
+symlinking it from some place on your path, such as ``/usr/local/bin``.
+For MS Windows users, who do not have symlinking functionality available, you
+can copy ```` to a location on your existing path or edit the
+``PATH`` settings (under ``Settings - Control Panel - System - Advanced - Environment...``) to point to its installed location.
21 25
22 26
 Generally, when working on a single Django project, it's easier to use
23 27
 ````. Use ```` with ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``, or the

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