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Fixed #5601 -- Point out the existence of for people wanting …

…some extra

help checking for consistency. Thanks, simeon.

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5 docs/contributing.txt
@@ -335,6 +335,10 @@ Please follow these coding standards when writing code for inclusion in Django:
* Unless otherwise specified, follow `PEP 8`_.
+ You could use a tool like ``_ to check for some problems in this
+ area, but remember that PEP 8 is only a guide, so respect the style of
+ the surrounding code as a primary goal.
* Use four spaces for indentation.
* Use underscores, not camelCase, for variable, function and method names
@@ -924,5 +928,6 @@ requests for commit access are potential flame-war starters, and will be ignored
.. _`#django`: irc://
.. _list of tickets with patches:
.. _PEP 8:
.. _i18n branch:
.. _`tags/releases`:

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