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How to install Django
+This document will get you up and running with Django.
+Install Apache and mod_python
+Currently, Django runs on Apache_ with `mod_python`_, although we're planning
+full WSGI support, which means Django will run on a variety of server
+Make sure you have Apache installed, with the mod_python module activated.
+.. _Apache:
+.. _mod_python:
+Get your database running
+If you plan to use Django's database API functionality, you'll need to
+make sure a database server is running. Django works with PostgreSQL_
+(recommended) or MySQL_.
+.. _PostgreSQL:
+.. _MySQL:
+Install the Django code
Installation instructions are slightly different depending on whether you're
using the latest official version or the latest development version.
It's easy either way.
Installing the official version
1. Download the tarball of the latest official version from our `download page`_.
-2. ``cd django-1.0.0.tar.gz``
-3. ``python install``
+2. ``tar xzvf django-1.0.0.tar.gz``
+3. ``cd django-1.0.0``
+4. ``python install``
Installing the development version
1. Make sure you have Subversion_ installed.
2. ``svn co django_src``

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