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[1.7.x] Added 1.6.3 release note for refs #22250.

Backport of d57ba04 from master
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1 parent 2f2d21f commit 25da849896c86c382da6337e719ef57460a77c85 @timgraham timgraham committed
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3 docs/releases/1.6.3.txt
@@ -27,5 +27,8 @@ several bugs in 1.6.2:
* Improved :func:`~django.utils.html.strip_tags` accuracy (but it still cannot
guarantee an HTML-safe result, as stated in the documentation).
+* Fixed a regression in the :mod:`django.contrib.gis` SQL compiler for
+ non-concrete fields (`#22250 <>`_).
Additionally, Django's vendored version of six, :mod:`django.utils.six` has been
upgraded to the latest release (1.6.1).

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