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Fixed #861 -- Model validator now validates unique_together

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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adrianholovaty committed Nov 21, 2005
1 parent 7a80b2c commit 270377cb37e3bbe5f2432cdab94fe955ace099ea
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@@ -677,6 +677,17 @@ def get_validation_errors(outfile):
e.add(rel_opts, "At least one field in %s should have core=True, because it's being edited inline by %s.%s." % (rel_opts.object_name, opts.module_name, opts.object_name))
except StopIteration:
# Check unique_together.
for ut in opts.unique_together:
for field_name in ut:
f = opts.get_field(field_name, many_to_many=True)
except meta.FieldDoesNotExist:
e.add(opts, '"unique_together" refers to %s, a field that doesn\'t exist. Check your syntax.' % field_name)
if isinstance(f.rel, meta.ManyToMany):
e.add(opts, '"unique_together" refers to %s. ManyToManyFields are not supported in unique_together.' %
return len(e.errors)
def validate(outfile=sys.stdout):

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