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Created django.contrib.localflavor, for country- and culture-specific…

… functionality. Moved django/newforms/extras/ into there

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adrianholovaty committed Feb 15, 2007
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@@ -139,6 +139,15 @@ See the `flatpages documentation`_.
.. _flatpages documentation: ../flatpages/
+**New in Django development version**
+A collection of various Django snippets that are useful only for a particular
+country or culture. For example, ``django.contrib.localflavor.usa.forms``
+contains a ``USZipCodeField`` that you can use to validate U.S. zip codes.
@@ -3225,7 +3225,7 @@
USZipCodeField validates that the data is either a five-digit U.S. zip code or
a zip+4.
->>> from django.newforms.extras.usa import USZipCodeField
+>>> from django.contrib.localflavor.usa.forms import USZipCodeField
>>> f = USZipCodeField()
>>> f.clean('60606')

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