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Fixed #14562 -- corrected a typo in the static-files howto. Thanks to…

… stephaner for the report and patch.

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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ that can easily be served in production.
``django.contrib.staticfiles`` will look very familiar. That's because
they're essentially the same code: ``django.contrib.staticfiles`` started
its life as `django-staticfiles`_ and was merged into Django 1.3.
If you're upgrading from ``django-staticfiles``, please see `Upgrading from
django-staticfiles`_, below, for a few minor changes you'll need to make.
@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ __
Below, and in the following sections, we'll show off a few example fabfiles
(i.e. Fabric scripts) that automate these media deployment options. The syntax
-of a fabfile is fairly streightforward but won't be covered here; consult
+of a fabfile is fairly straightforward but won't be covered here; consult
`Fabric's documentation`__, for a complete explanation of the syntax..
@@ -385,14 +385,14 @@ you'll need to make a few changes:
* The setting ``STATICFILES_RESOLVERS`` was removed, and replaced by the new
* The default for :setting:`STATICFILES_STORAGE` was renamed from
```` to
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