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Fixed #3084 -- Documented that Django's core must be translated into a

particular locale for application translations in that locale to work.

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@@ -282,6 +282,16 @@ How to create language files
Once you've tagged your strings for later translation, you need to write (or
obtain) the language translations themselves. Here's how that works.
+.. admonition:: Locale restrictions
+ Django does support localising your application into a locale for which
+ Django itself has not been translated -- it will ignore your translation
+ files. If you were to try this and Django supported it, you would
+ inevitably see a mixture of translated strings (from your application) and
+ English strings (from Django itself). If you are wanting to support a
+ locale for your application that is not already part of Django, you will
+ need to make at least a minimal translation of the Django core.
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