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Fixed #5664 -- Added a Jython workaround for some assumptions in the …


dispatch code. Thanks, Leo Soto.

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commit 2adcb3f250860172032f7762695e78f99415fa61 1 parent fcbde3c
@malcolmt malcolmt authored
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  1. +74 −1 django/dispatch/
75 django/dispatch/
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
"""Refactored "safe reference" from"""
import weakref, traceback
+from django.utils.functional import curry
def safeRef(target, onDelete = None):
"""Return a *safe* weak reference to a callable target
@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@ def safeRef(target, onDelete = None):
# Turn a bound method into a BoundMethodWeakref instance.
# Keep track of these instances for lookup by disconnect().
assert hasattr(target, 'im_func'), """safeRef target %r has im_self, but no im_func, don't know how to create reference"""%( target,)
- reference = BoundMethodWeakref(
+ reference = get_bound_method_weakref(
@@ -163,3 +164,75 @@ def __call__(self):
if function is not None:
return function.__get__(target)
return None
+class BoundNonDescriptorMethodWeakref(BoundMethodWeakref):
+ """A specialized BoundMethodWeakref, for platforms where instance methods
+ are not descriptors.
+ It assumes that the function name and the target attribute name are the
+ same, instead of assuming that the function is a descriptor. This approach
+ is equally fast, but not 100% reliable because functions can be stored on an
+ attribute named differenty than the function's name such as in:
+ class A: pass
+ def foo(self): return "foo"
+ = foo
+ But this shouldn't be a common use case. So, on platforms where methods
+ aren't descriptors (such as Jython) this implementation has the advantage
+ of working in the most cases.
+ """
+ def __init__(self, target, onDelete=None):
+ """Return a weak-reference-like instance for a bound method
+ target -- the instance-method target for the weak
+ reference, must have im_self and im_func attributes
+ and be reconstructable via:
+ target.im_func.__get__( target.im_self )
+ which is true of built-in instance methods.
+ onDelete -- optional callback which will be called
+ when this weak reference ceases to be valid
+ (i.e. either the object or the function is garbage
+ collected). Should take a single argument,
+ which will be passed a pointer to this object.
+ """
+ assert getattr(target.im_self, target.__name__) == target, \
+ ("method %s isn't available as the attribute %s of %s" %
+ (target, target.__name__, target.im_self))
+ super(BoundNonDescriptorMethodWeakref, self).__init__(target, onDelete)
+ def __call__(self):
+ """Return a strong reference to the bound method
+ If the target cannot be retrieved, then will
+ return None, otherwise returns a bound instance
+ method for our object and function.
+ Note:
+ You may call this method any number of times,
+ as it does not invalidate the reference.
+ """
+ target = self.weakSelf()
+ if target is not None:
+ function = self.weakFunc()
+ if function is not None:
+ # Using curry() would be another option, but it erases the
+ # "signature" of the function. That is, after a function is
+ # curried, the inspect module can't be used to determine how
+ # many arguments the function expects, nor what keyword
+ # arguments it supports, and pydispatcher needs this
+ # information.
+ return getattr(target, function.__name__)
+ return None
+def get_bound_method_weakref(target, onDelete):
+ """Instantiates the appropiate BoundMethodWeakRef, depending on the details of
+ the underlying class method implementation"""
+ if hasattr(target, '__get__'):
+ # target method is a descriptor, so the default implementation works:
+ return BoundMethodWeakref(target=target, onDelete=onDelete)
+ else:
+ # no luck, use the alternative implementation:
+ return BoundNonDescriptorMethodWeakref(target=target, onDelete=onDelete)

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