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Stopped converting match dict keys to bytestrings when resolving URLs.

Test suite is passing, but if any regression would be detected,
we might replace smart_str by force_unicode.
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1 parent 1e6c336 commit 2daf1ae8b9676c809ed948202cbd7bec4dd62740 @claudep claudep committed May 24, 2012
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@@ -306,10 +306,8 @@ def resolve(self, path):
if sub_match:
- sub_match_dict = dict([(smart_str(k), v) for k, v in match.groupdict().items()])
- sub_match_dict.update(self.default_kwargs)
- for k, v in sub_match.kwargs.iteritems():
- sub_match_dict[smart_str(k)] = v
+ sub_match_dict = dict(match.groupdict(), **self.default_kwargs)
+ sub_match_dict.update(sub_match.kwargs)
return ResolverMatch(sub_match.func, sub_match.args, sub_match_dict, sub_match.url_name, self.app_name or sub_match.app_name, [self.namespace] + sub_match.namespaces)
raise Resolver404({'tried': tried, 'path': new_path})

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