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Fixed #19289 - Removed an out of place sentence in tutorial 2.

Thanks colinnkeenan for the report.
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1 parent 550ddc6 commit 2dbfa66f4db54c2bbac0f160de96a91fcf39997d @timgraham timgraham committed Nov 14, 2012
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@@ -445,11 +445,6 @@ live anywhere on your filesystem that Django can access. (Django runs as
whatever user your server runs.) However, keeping your templates within the
project is a good convention to follow.
-When you’ve done that, create a directory polls in your template directory.
-Within that, create a file called index.html. Note that our
-``loader.get_template('polls/index.html')`` code from above maps to
-[template_directory]/polls/index.html” on the filesystem.
By default, :setting:`TEMPLATE_DIRS` is empty. So, let's add a line to it, to
tell Django where our templates live::

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