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Added 'version added' info to CSRF_* settings.

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commit 2ddf1364c401d5cc80b31b43567500f9aeb9414b 1 parent c2ffe94
@spookylukey spookylukey authored
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  1. +7 −0 docs/ref/settings.txt
7 docs/ref/settings.txt
@@ -148,6 +148,9 @@ The default number of seconds to cache a page when the caching middleware or
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
Default: ``'csrftoken'``
The name of the cookie to use for the CSRF authentication token. This can be whatever you
@@ -158,6 +161,8 @@ want. See :ref:`ref-contrib-csrf`.
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
Default: ``None``
The domain to be used when setting the CSRF cookie. This can be useful for
@@ -171,6 +176,8 @@ accepted by accepted by a view served from another subdomain.
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
Default: ``'django.views.csrf.csrf_failure'``
A dotted path to the view function to be used when an incoming request
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