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Fixed #13869 - Warned that QuerySet.iterator() doesn't affect DB driv…

…er caching; thanks jtiai for the suggestion.
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timgraham committed Oct 20, 2012
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@@ -1456,6 +1456,16 @@ evaluated will force it to evaluate again, repeating the query.
Also, use of ``iterator()`` causes previous ``prefetch_related()`` calls to be
ignored since these two optimizations do not make sense together.
+.. warning::
+ Some Python database drivers like ``psycopg2`` perform caching if using
+ client side cursors (instantiated with ``connection.cursor()`` and what
+ Django's ORM uses). Using ``iterator()`` does not affect caching at the
+ database driver level. To disable this caching, look at `server side
+ cursors`_.
+.. _server side cursors:

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